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C’mon. Join in! Ask A Question! Search or Post jobs or events. Share a comment or provide thought leadership on technology developed in and around Toledo. We are pre-launch at present so it is a great time for early members to enhance their visibility by sharing who they are and what they do in tech in Toledo. Our participation contributes to the conversation creating thought leadership in the region and helps promote city of Toledo as a Regional Tech Power.  

Be A Part Of Technology and Innovation Happening in Toledo and Northwest Ohio!

"If we realign the heuristic resonance compressor and replicate the quantum singularity cage then the startup & launch problem would be resolved" (Tech Phunni from, 2017)

Sponsored By University of Toledo Launchpad Incubator: Technology Business Development Hub and Business Incubator.  Site Pre Launch.  Target October 2017

What Is TnewTech?  “Building A Tech Community in Toledo”

“Every Second Tuesday. There’s Gonna Be Pizza!” Jordan Valdiviez, Operations Manager, Launchpad Incubator

 I Hope You Made It To CONNECT IT   : )  It Was A Good Time.

Kudos to TeleSystem for Hosting and Sharing Their Great Facility!

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