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Technology Made In Toledo: Satellite Imaging Technology

Satellite Image Processing Technology: Made In Toledo!

  Satelytics, Inc. is a leading provider of satellite imagery processed with proprietary algorithms to provide information on the world’s land and water resources.  

November 5, 2017 0
Lucintech logo

#Technology #Made #In #Toledo!

Lucintech, Inc. is developing semitransparent, flexible, thin-film photovoltaic (PV) coatings that directly convert sunlight to electricity. These PV windows maintain visual clarity, reduce solar heating and are ideal for building-integrated PV (BIPV) windows in glass curtain-wall buildings and for PV automobile sunroofs.

November 2, 2017 0
Technology, Toledo, Born To Code?

Love Tech? Near Toledo? Born To Code?

You Know Who You Are And What You Think!  Love Tech? Near Toledo? Born To Code? Watch This Video, Then Post A Comment…

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Technology in Toledo

TnewTech Toledo Area Meetup Event:

EVERYTHING DESIGN – UX | HCI | Design Thinking

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Made in Toledo

What Good Things Come From Toledo?

What Is Made In Toledo? Get Your Thinking Caps On And Add To The List! Jeep CJ-7 – Made in Toledo… What Else? Let’s get this going!  Add A Comment!

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Technology In toledo

Toledo Is Home To World Changing Technology & Talent

How About Dana Transmissions…  And The Jeep That Won A War… This came to mind just now because Dana Incorporated made an announcement today… Dana Incorporated (NYSE: DAN) today announced that it has selected Christophe Dominiakto serve as its new senior vice president and chief technology officer.  He replaces George Constand, who is retiring.  Dominiak most recently…
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Technology in Toledo & NW Ohio

Techies & Tech Talent Connect in Toledo

Are You A Tech Fan in Toledo? Love Tech?  Work in Tech?  Run a Tech Business?  Invest in Tech or Business? Provide free, non-profit, or professional services to Entrepreneurs, Business Startups, or Growing Businesses? Maybe you even have a technology related business startup idea of your own? Join The Conversation! Technology and Innovation are happening in Toledo.  We…
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Business Startup Pitch Competition in Toledo

Northwest Ohio’s Premier Startup Business Funding Pitch Competition

Gentlemen:  Start Your Business!  Ladies:  Do The Same! Northwest Ohio’s largest entrepreneurial business pitch competition, “Pitch & Pour” is happy to announce our 6th annual event will be held Thursday Nov 16th. Individuals with business ideas, startup companies, or even established companies exploring new products may apply to present their ideas. See the winners of the previous 5…
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Technology in Toledo

Ohio Making Digital Dreams Come True For Entrepreneurs and Technology Talent

Here is an inspiring video about technology and talent in Ohio.  It’s an oldie but goodie that reveals how Technology and Innovation are happening in Ohio – and have been for some time!  

September 13, 2017 0
Technology in Toledo

Technology News For Toledo Ohio!

Technology Commercialization, Business Incubation, and Economic Development: Technology and Innovation Are Happening in Toledo Ohio! The University of Toledo Launchpad Incubator encourages and supports entrepreneurship and economic development efforts in Northwest Ohio, providing business incubation facilities and services. A new Technology And Talent Portal[20] serving the region was launched in 2017 (wikipedia, 2017). The public launch of has…
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